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Messy Girls Guide to Organizing

If you asked my mom which one of her kids is the most messy, she would 100% tell you it is me. Growing up my room wasn’t the most organized or clean. As I’ve gotten older, I have found myself becoming more and more OCD and organized. Case in point, the items in my current Amazon cart….

Knick Knack Starter Kit

When I looked up the term “knick-knack”, Google defined it as a “worthless household item.” I beg to differ. I’m a believer that it’s your knick-knacks that make your home unique. Sure, they might not actually serve a purpose, but they add color, texture, and character to your space! Today’s post is about affordable knick-knacks….

Headboard Hunt

Fun fact about me: I slept in a bunkbed during my junior and senior years of college. For most people, freshman year is really the only time you share a bed frame with another grown adult. But not for me! I shared a queen size bunk with my best friend Avery and it was awesome. It wasn’t until I moved…

Kitchen Refresh

Blue and white will always be one of my favorite color combinations in a kitchen. While you might not be able to tear out your cabinets or countertops to incorporate the look, why not add some of these fun items to your space? Make sure to check out my Pinterest for more inspo! This cow mat has…